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Charitable Foundation named after Helena Roerich

The Evening Dedicated to Helena Roerich's Birthday

In the International Centre of the Roerichs on February 14 the meeting dedicated to the Helena I. Roerich's birthday was held. She was the illustrious Russian philosopher, spouse and co-worker of Nicholas Roerich. A great part of her creative heritage entered into Russian cultural and spiritual life and became the object of deepest interest of our countrymen trying to find responses to the exciting spiritual questions. The date of her birth is annually celebrated in the Museum by name of Nicholas Roerich.

In his speech at the opening ceremony Prof. Alexey V. Postnikov, President of the ICR, Honored scientist of Russia, said that Helena I. Roerich was the Living Heart of the great Roerichs family. She was a caring wife and mother, a talented philosopher and artist as well as the Muse for her husband and sons. The President A. Postnikov recited a newly-composed poem dedicated to Helena Roerich by Marianna Osolinya, Chair of the Latvian Branch of the ICR.

Ludmila Shaposhnikova, first Vice-President of the ICR, Director General of the Museum by name of Nicholas Roerich, Honored Art Worker of Russia, winner of the European Union Prize for cultural heritage «Europa Nostra» noted that there were the greatest persons in the history of humanity who were called the Warriors of Light. These people of high spirituality were connected with cosmic evolution and the knowledge for the spiritual development of society was given through them. It was she, Helena Roerich, the great Russian woman, who did a lot for cosmic evolution.

Lyudmila Shaposhnikova described in details the situation concerning the Roerichs heritage and told about the necessity of their will fulfillment.

On the eve of the H. Roerich's birthday the results of the competition of the Charitable Foundation by name of Helena Roerich were announced. During thirteen years the Fund is carrying out charitable activities in field of culture.

Two years ago the Foundation established an international prize to encourage scientific researches on the Living Ethics philosophy. The sum of the Prize is 5000 euro. The name of the first winner in the new nomination «For Contribution to the Protection of the Roerichs Heritage» was announced by L.V. Shaposhnikova, Chair of the Charitable Foundation by name of Helena Roerich. Dmitry Revyakin, the expert of the ICR moving exhibition department and the author of the book «Ruining of the Heritage: Y.N. Roerich Moscow flat: Catalog. Photo-chronicle. Archive documents» published in 2010.

The event was ended with the classical music concert performed by the winners of international contests, the soloists of New Opera theatre and Russian symphony orchestras.



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